3 Simple Steps for the Perfect Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2020

1. Define your objectives

Defining your objectives helps eliminate outliers that should not be apart of your strategy. 

It helps you remain focus and more targeted.

Some examples of objectives could be as simple as, would you like to enhance your customer services, build your brand or generate stronger leads. 

Consider defining your objective the crucial part of your B2B Marketing Strategy. When you set aside time to clearly define these, you can save yourself TONS of time. Who doesn’t like to save time?

2. Define & Identify Your Target Audience

So, you don’t want to be “randomly” marketing on social media. You want your promotions and advertisements to be tailored and purposeful.

For B2B Marketing, you want to target the actual businesses who are in your expertise. To market without a specific audience is a complete waste!

It’s sort of like “talking to a wall”…

When you define your target audience you create a funnel that helps sift through the massive world of social media. 

Things to consider about your targeted audience:

  • Location (consider the geographic location of potential industry audience/clients)
  • Age (consider the age group your business is targeting)
  • Industry (determine the main industries you’re looking to market your business to)

Now, once you can define the parameters of your audience, you can begin to dominate in your niche. This also helps with tailoring your social media posts and promotional advertisements.

What if you’re already on social media and have done some of these things already?

Well, that’s perfect! 

You’re ahead of the game, but it never hurts to revisit your analytics and revamp your process a bit. Technology and social media are rapidly changing therefore, updating your process is a MUST

Things to think about when you are revisiting your analytics: 

  • See which posts had the most engagement (likes, reposts, comments…etc.)
  • See which types of posts had the least engagement
  • Are your captions to wordy?
  • Check out other businesses you are looking to connect with (see their posts aesthetics and engagements). Based on their social media content, would your business portray to be a great addition to their branding?

By looking at these minor things in addition to others, can help you land partnerships with other businesses within your industry.

3. Decide on Social Media Platform

Ok, so you have this awesome strategy and you have decided on your audience and what you are looking to achieve…

…yet, you still haven’t decided on what may be the best Social Media Platform to use. 

Depending on what you are looking to achieve, choosing a platform is not difficult at all! There are multiple platforms to choose from, however based on needs will determine which platform you need.


2 thoughts on “3 Simple Steps for the Perfect Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2020

  1. For me it’s important to stress to those starting out how important it is to decide on your social media platforms. There’s often a danger of trying to be everywhere all at once and you can end up spreading yourself too thin. What has worked well for me is focussing only on the channels you feel will deliver the most benefit and focus ONLY on them until you are better placed to add others to your arsenal.

    I enjoyed this post Rachel. Thanks for sharing your tips.


    1. I completely agree! Deciding on which social media you are using is equally important. It is essentially what makes and breaks your social media marketing strategy. You are more than welcome! I enjoy sharing mini tips and strategies!


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