Content Marketing: Business Blogging in 2020

Ever thought about a Business Blog
Well it’s 2020, and that should already be on your business website! Content Marketing is rapidly increasing for businesses, but where should this content be going? 


What is a business blog exactly?

A Business Blog allows for easier content marketing. It creates another avenue to win customers for sales. It also has a way of keeping your customers informed on products and potential promotions.

Why do you need one?

Having a blog for your business helps limit losing the eyes of your buyer personas due to other businesses already have blogs. 

Think how many topics you search on Google. 

Now, think about how many times your find yourself doing that, and as a result you find yourself reading a blog post on the topic or questions that you initially searched…

Well, the idea of the business blog is equivalent to that, except your buyer personas will not have to leave your website to find their answers. The answers to their questions would be in your business’s blog. 

Now, I know what your thinking…

Do I really need this? My customers may not read blogs, so why waste the energy? 

Well, it isn’t a waste and here is why…

You can create promotional strategies to get content in front of your buyer personas. No need to wait on them to find the blog. Your business blog should be marketing itself and finding its way to them. 

As humans we love content and we love it more especially as it relates to our money and how we spend it. 

Hypothetical Situation

For example, hypothetically, let’s say we are one of Nike’s favorite “all-time” customers. Nike has this awesome pair of shoes that you want and you are a little unsure about purchasing them. 

You read the description of the shoe and some highlights from the main shoe page. Let’s say on this main page, there was a quick link to a blog post about how cool the shoe “really” is.  

On this blog post you find a video of your favorite athlete telling the details and cool specs of the shoe. This athlete goes on to explain how you should stop hesitating and purchase the shoe.

They also encourage and persuade you to finish reading the rest of the details on the blog post until the end. 

By the end of the blog post you have read and understood a deeper analysis of why it is imperative to purchase the shoe.

Now, you feel compelled and with the help of great content marketing and Nike’s business blog, you make a purchase!

Ideally, that’s what it could possibly look like for your own business if you included a blog to your site. 

This could potentially increase your sales and more importantly continue to build brand awareness.

With the seamless ability to connect your social media accounts to your blogs, this also gives you the ability to market the same content through a different channel. Essentially, this would make social media marketing campaigns easier! 

Now, the other way this will help your business is by increasing your SEO. By generating blogs frequently and consistently, this would help get your content and business pushed up in the web rankings.

More web rankings means more potential buyers. So ultimately, including a blog on your site is worth of the time and energy.

Business Blogging is a must in 2020.

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