How to Start a Blog in 3 Easy Steps

Ever wondered how to start a blog for your business? If you haven’t read my other post , on the benefits of having a business blog, and you do not have a blog, then this post is for! 

Don’t have a business? No worries! This is also for those of you who want to start a blog for your brand too! 

Here is your brief “How-To” Guide on starting a blog:

Step 1: Determine a niche and name.

Before picking a name, it is important to determine your niche. Now, if this is going to be apart of your business website, then you can skip this step! Your niche has already been determined depending on your business and what products you are writing about. 

However, if you do not have a business website and you are looking to simply start a blog, well figure out what it is that you love writing about. Once you figure that out you have your niche. 

The next thing you should do is determine a name for your blog. If this blog will be for your business, this is not necessary. 

If you are starting from scratch, consider a name that is intriguing and unique. 

Step 2: Register for a domain and get your blog online.

Now, if you have a business website already, you should go ahead and create a tab for your blog on your menu header. 

If you are starting from scratch, consider purchasing a domain name from a domain site. For example, sites like and offer cheap rates for a domain name. 

Also, a good rule of thumb is to be open minded to multiple domain names. This will help in the event your first domain name choice is not available. 

Once you have your domain name consider a hosting site. For example, this blog website is hosted through There are thousands of different website builders to choose from when it comes to hosting your blog. 

Consider or Those are two prominent blog building websites. is a better blog hosting site. It is more tailored and geared towards blogs.

Step 3: Decide on a Template.

So, if you already have your business website there is no true need for template. You could consider how you want to customize this page on your website. 

For those of you starting from scratch, consider the sites mentioned above. They both offer templates to choose from for your blog. Think about the aesthetic you would like to portray. Both WordPress and Wix offer great templates for any brand. 

Now, let’s pause for a moment and look at WordPress. WordPress not only has great templates but they also offer you amazing widgets and features that will be more fitted for any blog or brand. 

WordPress has the ability to have your blog to be more enhanced than Wix. Although Wix offers more flexibility in terms of having the ability to code and tailor your site to your wants. Its a bit more complex, making WordPress more user friendly.  

Step 4: It is publishing time!

It’s time to write and publish your first post! Keep in mind your post should be along the line of whatever your business or brand is.

Remember this isn’t totally about yourself, it’s about your consumers too!

Think and strategize about what they would like to read. That’s what’s most important. 

Then once you have that figured out go ahead and write your post and publish. 


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