“How – To” Social Media Marketing: Instagram TV Channel

Ever wondered another way to use social media to market besides posting to your feed? Have you tried InstagramTV? This is perfect for showcasing products and services you may have to offer to your consumers! Instagram provides every user with the opportunity of a IGTV Channel (Instagram TV Channel). On this channel you have a maximum of 10 minutes to “WOW” your audience, or in your case, your consumers. With the ability to show your consumers what products you have to offer and how they work, IGTV provides the perfect opportunity to do so. The importance of brand transparency… In … Continue reading “How – To” Social Media Marketing: Instagram TV Channel

Keys to Great Marketing: #1 Content Creation

Creating solid content is the best way to solidify your marketing. Think about your favorite commercials that play during the Super Bowl. You could even argue that some of the ads that are apart of your social media feed are also great examples of content creation. Naturally, once you decide how you want to market something, the next thing you think about is how to bring it to life. How do I create great content to bring to life? Well that’s simple, get creative! Well… although it sounds simple, you still have to put forth creative thought behind it. Think … Continue reading Keys to Great Marketing: #1 Content Creation