Keys to Great Marketing: #1 Content Creation

Creating solid content is the best way to solidify your marketing. Think about your favorite commercials that play during the Super Bowl. You could even argue that some of the ads that are apart of your social media feed are also great examples of content creation. Naturally, once you decide how you want to market something, the next thing you think about is how to bring it to life.

How do I create great content to bring to life?

Well that’s simple, get creative! Well… although it sounds simple, you still have to put forth creative thought behind it.

Think about your audience..

Ideally, you want your content to entertain and intrigue them. Keep in mind, what may be good to you, may not be best for your audience. Try researching different creative strategies to draw in your audience.

For example, think about toy commercials for children.

In those types of commercials, there aren’t any adults present. In fact, they show a child playing with a toy, and how much fun they’re having while playing.

Here’s how to think when creating great content…

  • Who am I creating the content for? (Consider age ranges and other demographic data that will be helpful.)
  • Why am I creating this content? (Consider if you want your content to be fun and engaging, informative, or persuasive.)

Once you figure out your why, your “how” becomes more clear. Understanding your “why” is important, because essentially this will help your audience arrive to whatever destination your are taking them to, whether it’s for them to buy something or inform them of something. Your why, should help you arrive to a conclusion on how you want your content to “go.”

  • How do you plan on creating your content? (Consider design software programs, online tools and social media platforms: Like YouTube, Canva, Adobe InDesign, etc.)

You want to be sure, your content is visually appealing.

People like to see colors and moving images, graphics, basically, anything that can hold their attention for at least 10 -15 seconds.

If you can keep someone engaged for the first 15 seconds of your content, they are more likely to be engaged and keep watching.

These are just some things to consider when deciding on content you are planning to create.

Creating content is fun!

Creating content is a fun thing to do! However, when creating your content you want it to be effective and meaningful. People can tell when you have “thrown something together.

So, take your time. Think about every commercial or advertisement you have ever seen, it took time. I am sure there were plenty of revisions and it was well planned.

Carefully, paying attention to every detail and the point they were looking to drive home, to their potential consumers.

This is the same approach that you have to take too!


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