“How – To” Social Media Marketing: Instagram TV Channel

Ever wondered another way to use social media to market besides posting to your feed? Have you tried InstagramTV?

This is perfect for showcasing products and services you may have to offer to your consumers!

Instagram provides every user with the opportunity of a IGTV Channel (Instagram TV Channel). On this channel you have a maximum of 10 minutes to “WOW” your audience, or in your case, your consumers.

With the ability to show your consumers what products you have to offer and how they work, IGTV provides the perfect opportunity to do so.

The importance of brand transparency…

In a way, I believe it also established a since of “brand transparency.” This essentially equals brand integrity! Think about how willing you are to purchase products when you can visually see a true representation of a product.

This is great! This means that your current consumers will trust your products and new consumers will be more likely to purchase.

Model Example: Online Clothing Stores

For example, lets think about online clothing companies, or shopping online for clothes in general. How much more likely would you buy the article of clothing if you were able to see it on a model in real time or on video?

My guess is that you would be more willing to purchase!

For example, in this video the designer or model might be explaining the color of the material, stretching the clothing item, or even showing you in real-time what may happen when you wash it.

You are able to have a better understanding on if this is the perfect purchase for you or a gift for someone else.

Essentially, IGTV would be perfect for any business.

Marketing Ideas for IGTV Videos

If you’re wondering how your business may benefit with utilizing this social media feature for marketing, below are a list of a few ideas that you could implement in your social media marketing strategy utilizing Instagram TV.

  • Software & Technology Companies: You could utilize IGTV for “How-To” videos to download software for users, or “QuickTutorial” videos for API Documentation using JSON.
  • Marketing Agencies: This can be a space for you to incorporate a Marketing Channel, where you may do a “Quick Marketing Tips” segment for potential clients.
  • Bloggers: This would be perfect for travel, fashion, food, or personal bloggers! This would create a dynamic element to your social media presence and blog. You can create segments based on topics that you discuss on your blog.
  • Photographers: This is perfect for you if you’re a photographer. You can create videos to market photos, or inform other photographers about the latest cameras and camera lenses. You could even bring along your followers to a photoshoot to let them have an inside look.

The list and creative ideas are endless when thinking about how you could enhance your social media marketing approach for a business. Just begin to think about ways you could be marketing on video with you social media presence.

Quick & Simple: IGTV USER GUIDE

Here is a simple quick User-Guide, I created, to show you how to post a video to your IGTV Channel. It’s simple and quick.

That’s it! Once you follow those simple steps you have successfully posted your first video to your IGTV Channel!

This video will also post to your timeline/feed to draw people in to watching the rest of your video. The video that appears on your feed is the first 60 seconds of the complete video you posted to your channel. You may also include a caption and hashtags to the video. This helps with informing others about what your video may be about.

So, you really want to create a video that is appealing and intriguing to draw your audience/consumers in to watching the complete video on your channel.


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