Coronavirus & Marketing

Online marketing is more present now than ever.

Coronavirus has changed so much of our everyday lives. Yet, it still has created a unique opportunity to push online marketing tactics. With more eyes turning to computers for virtual work, virtual school and classes, this is the perfect time for online marketing.

Actually, online marketing could be considered at an all time high! Think about it, e-commerce is going up. More online shopping is taking place whether it’s for weekly groceries or for cosmetic purposes.

So, why not fill this mini marketing space, with your business advertisements and business strategies.

According to this business article on Forbes, it’s safe to say that online retail sales have increased well over 60% since the beginning of COVID-19. With the uncertainty on how long this virus may last, it’t best to “get in, where you fit in.”

This means, fill every digital space possible with advertisements and virtual testimonials for your projects and business ideas. There are thousands of eyes searching the internet and social media a day.

This means more eyes for your content to be seen, which in return increase sales. So why wouldn’t you be focusing on your marketing strategy?

COVID, might have stopped us from going outside, but it just increase e-commerce sales from inside our homes.

Now, I know some of us are thinking about our budgets because of the uncertainty, however there are free ways to advertise.

What are the free ways to advertise during COVID-19?

Here are a list of places that you could simply be advertising for free:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pintrest
  • SEO


This platform has so many ways to allow you to advertise for free. Through “Instastories” and Instagram TV, your product or business could go viral in minutes, if you are producing quality content. To see how to do some marketing on Instagram TV, check out my user guide and blog post.

You also have the endless possibility for #hashtags. If you are looking for a way to organically market your content, you should definitely use hashtags. You should try searching for hashtags related to your content or product and interact with users, who are apart of your marketing demographics.

This will help attract more eyes to your company and content. When people see that your product is able to fix or fit their needs, they are more interested to not only purchase, but to share your content. As a result, FREE marketing and more exposure on Instagram.


On Facebook they have these amazing things called Facebook Groups! These are the perfect outlets to directly connect you with groups that are in your marketing demographic. Within those groups you are able to market for free. You are able to establish real connections and relationships with potential consumers.

You can also create your own Facebook Business Page for individuals to like. You can invite people to like the page, and they can become potential clients and consumers. On those pages you are able to control the content and what your invitees see.

You can determine the quality of content and even do live streams of product demos on those pages. Consider it a FREE direct advertisement page for your business, to reach the large audience and world of Facebook.

Pinterest & Tailwind

This is great if you are a visual artist/freelancer, or blogger. Pinterest is an excellent tool for FREE marketing. This is perfect if your business or business website uses high quality content images. You can use those images to market on Pintrest. Another great tool to utilize in conjunction with Pintrest is Tailwind Tribes.

Tailwind allows you to market and schedule up to 100 Pinterest post for FREE before paying for the online service. Within Tailwind, you are able to join “tribes.” These are essentially the “groups” that you would find the most interested in the content you will post.

You simply create a Pinterest post and place it in one of your tribes that you subscribe to. Someone in that tribe may notice your post and share it to their Pinterest page. From there, it becomes a ripple effect. Before you know it, your post would have reached over 200 people in a matter or minutes.


Now, you can always better your SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a great way to ensure your business website ranking online, which in return increases your FREE chances of online marketing.

SEO will always be important throughout the duration of your business. With constant trends changing and technology changes, maintaining a solid SEO strategy will always be vital, as it relates to your marketing strategy.

In most cases, it’s more important to focus on SEO than social media, it just depends on the demographics you are looking to reach, as well as the types of marketing (B2C, B2B, etc.) you want to achieve.

So what does all of this mean?

Well, it means start getting creative and discovering ways to market for FREE while in the midst of this pandemic. Start thinking about ways to limit the stretch of your budget and search for small social media outlets to make big impacts. The FREE ways of marketing are out there an awaits you.

If COVID hasn’t taught us anything else, it has definitely taught us how to become creative in our homes, and let social media reach the masses without us ever stepping foot out of the door.


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