Let’s Discuss B2B Marketing

What is B2B? Business-to-Business is the most simple way to define it. Basically, companies that create products or services that another business can benefit from. For example, B2B marketing firms and business supply companies. Ideally, B2B companies help support other businesses to grow and operate. By doing consultations, creating products and efficient processes. A great example of this would be ADP. ADP is used widely by companies for payroll and financial services. Another example would be Dropbox. Dropbox is a cloud-based storage copmany that provides business services and induvidual services. Both of these businesses provide services solutions for lots of … Continue reading Let’s Discuss B2B Marketing

Have you included Shoppable Post in your Digital Marketing plan?

If the answer to your above question is “no,” then it is definitely time to revamp your marketing plan! We are all at home! Well, at least most of us, due to this pandemic, which doesn’t seem to be moving away fast enough. Yet, this is the perfect opportunity to invest in your online marketing plan. If you have seen the last post “Coronavirus & Marketing,” then you may not fully understand what you could be capable of while everyone is at home glued to their computer and phone screens. So, here’s what you need to know, it only takes … Continue reading Have you included Shoppable Post in your Digital Marketing plan?

Coronavirus & Marketing

Coronavirus has changed so much of our everyday lives. Yet, it still has created a unique opportunity to push online marketing tactics. With more eyes turning to computers for virtual work, virtual school and classes, this is the perfect time for online marketing. Actually, online marketing could be considered at an all time high! Think about it, e-commerce is going up. More online shopping is taking place whether it’s for weekly groceries or for cosmetic purposes. So, why not fill this mini marketing space, with your business advertisements and business strategies. According to this business article on Forbes, it’s safe … Continue reading Coronavirus & Marketing

2020 Digital Marketing Toolkit: Webhooks

Easier Workflows = Webhooks Webhooks are the way apps can automatically send messages or information to other apps. They are small snippets of code that are linked to web applications, that are triggered by specific events. Webhooks allow for real-time notifications and data synchronization. How does a webhook work? An event occurs on the trigger application. The data from that event is then retrieved and serialized. The data is then sent to a webhook URL from the action application. Once that occurs, the action application lets you know if it has been successful or not.  For example, it’s how Paypal … Continue reading 2020 Digital Marketing Toolkit: Webhooks

“How – To” Social Media Marketing: Instagram TV Channel

Ever wondered another way to use social media to market besides posting to your feed? Have you tried InstagramTV? This is perfect for showcasing products and services you may have to offer to your consumers! Instagram provides every user with the opportunity of a IGTV Channel (Instagram TV Channel). On this channel you have a maximum of 10 minutes to “WOW” your audience, or in your case, your consumers. With the ability to show your consumers what products you have to offer and how they work, IGTV provides the perfect opportunity to do so. The importance of brand transparency… In … Continue reading “How – To” Social Media Marketing: Instagram TV Channel

Keys to Great Marketing: #1 Content Creation

Creating solid content is the best way to solidify your marketing. Think about your favorite commercials that play during the Super Bowl. You could even argue that some of the ads that are apart of your social media feed are also great examples of content creation. Naturally, once you decide how you want to market something, the next thing you think about is how to bring it to life. How do I create great content to bring to life? Well that’s simple, get creative! Well… although it sounds simple, you still have to put forth creative thought behind it. Think … Continue reading Keys to Great Marketing: #1 Content Creation

How to Start a Blog in 3 Easy Steps

Ever wondered how to start a blog for your business? If you haven’t read my other post , on the benefits of having a business blog, and you do not have a blog, then this post is for!  Don’t have a business? No worries! This is also for those of you who want to start a blog for your brand too!  Here is your brief “How-To” Guide on starting a blog: Step 1: Determine a niche and name. Before picking a name, it is important to determine your niche. Now, if this is going to be apart of your business … Continue reading How to Start a Blog in 3 Easy Steps

Content Marketing: Business Blogging in 2020

Ever thought about a Business Blog? Well it’s 2020, and that should already be on your business website! Content Marketing is rapidly increasing for businesses, but where should this content be going?  ON YOUR BUSINESS BLOG!  What is a business blog exactly? A Business Blog allows for easier content marketing. It creates another avenue to win customers for sales. It also has a way of keeping your customers informed on products and potential promotions. Why do you need one? Having a blog for your business helps limit losing the eyes of your buyer personas due to other businesses already have blogs.  … Continue reading Content Marketing: Business Blogging in 2020

3 Simple Steps for the Perfect Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2020

1. Define your objectives Defining your objectives helps eliminate outliers that should not be apart of your strategy.  It helps you remain focus and more targeted. Some examples of objectives could be as simple as, would you like to enhance your customer services, build your brand or generate stronger leads.  Consider defining your objective the crucial part of your B2B Marketing Strategy. When you set aside time to clearly define these, you can save yourself TONS of time. Who doesn’t like to save time? 2. Define & Identify Your Target Audience So, you don’t want to be “randomly” marketing on … Continue reading 3 Simple Steps for the Perfect Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2020

3 Best Marketing Strategies to Focus on for Your Business in 2020

With the new year upon us, that either means new trends in our digital marketing strategies or analyzing our current strategies and revamping them to be better. B2B Marketing is vastly growing especially with the new endeavors in technology. Email Marketing is beginning to peak and more personalized branding opportunities are on the rise. Here are some things to focus on for your 2020 B2B Marketing Strategy and your branding: B2B Social Media Strategy It is projected that almost 3 billion people are expected to be on social media in 2020, according to a study done by Statista.  This means … Continue reading 3 Best Marketing Strategies to Focus on for Your Business in 2020